Playr 4.2

Playr 4.2 a new update to Playr, launched in December 2019. This new version contains a ton of new features. Make more advanced sprites in your game, and add images as stickers to your sprites. Also, there are more masks to choose from in Sprites.

Playr added support for controllers in this update. Use a Steelseries Nimbus, Xbox One, PS4, or Playr Controller. All Playr games are compatible with the controllers. Now you can stream Playr games, and sit back and play with the controller.

The Playr Shop launched with this version of Playr. Shop Playr products, and order directly from the app. Browse the latest Playr tech, and get the latest products shipped to your door.

Tons of other minor improvements were added in this update ranging from gameplay improvement to bugfixes.

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